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    Sell your videos on iTunes Empty Sell your videos on iTunes

    Post by macbook on Sat Sep 13, 2008 2:02 pm

    Sell your videos on iTunes Tunecorename

    Good news, everyone! TuneCore has finally introduced a video distribution option for iTunes.

    If you're a wedding videographer, a school play coordinator, or a computer tutorial specialist, you can now package up your video for a flat fee (60 minutes costs $550, 90 minutes costs $770, other lengths vary in pricing according to TuneCore). Here are some points you'll want to know.

    The approval process for iTunes usually takes about two weeks and must meet the iTunes store terms and conditions.
    iTunes store customers can either buy or rent your video.
    All proceeds go directly to you after Apple takes its cut. The flat fee covers all of TuneCore's take.
    You retain all rights and the agreement is non-exclusive.
    Want more information? Fire off an email to or visit their webpage.

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